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DT-30 are designed for use in diverse climatic conditions, on the grounds with low sup­porting power (marsh, snow, off-roads, wooded cross-country) at ambient temperatures from +40 to -50° C.

DT-30 belongs to a principally new type of high-speed off road transporters-jointed tracked vehicles, featuring a high load and bale capacities, good trafficability and maneuverability in the most hostile road and climatic conditions.

For several dears, hundreds of DT-30P have been success fully used in various fields of economy all over Russia to transport, different cargoes, to carry many types of Production equipment, including cranes, tanks etc.


Technical specifications


Carrier mass, tons


Load carrying capacity, tons


Number of seats in cabin


Maximal load length, m


Engine power, hp


Maximal road speed, km/h


Maximal water speed, km/h


Mean unit ground pressure kgf/cm2


Fuel distance, km 


Obstacles crossed (at full load):


maximal angle of ascent (descent) on dry grassy ground


maximal bank angle


depth of water obstructions traversed, m


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